The Face Wash


Perfected by Madonna, THE FACE WASH is a gentle-yet-powerful brightening cleanser and makeup remover that quenches as it clarifies. Based in our exclusive mineral-rich HOLY WATER and infused with alpha hydroxy acids and active botanicals, it purifies and helps visibly balance the skin while washing away dirt, debris and all types of makeup.

Rejuvenating malic and amino acids, turmeric, jujube fruit, raspberry, jojoba leaf, and eucalyptus extracts work together to energize and boost radiance. Refreshing notes of mint, rosemary, geranium and lime have been perfected by Madonna to evoke a summer Tuscan citrus grove, which makes cleansing your face an invigorating and luxurious experience.

MADONNA’S TIP: To remove waterproof makeup, gently massage cleanser onto dry skin before adding water to create a gentle foam that leaves no trace of makeup behind. Rinse well.

The Rose Mist


THE ROSE MIST is perfected by Madonna to refresh, rebalance and help visibly restore skin’s moisture levels while relaxing the mind with the tranquil scent of her favorite rose. This luxuriant treatment harnesses the ultra-restorative power of wild roses to reawaken the skin and the senses.

Formulated with our exclusive mineral-rich HOLY WATER – sourced from Montecatini, Italy – and infused with skin-replenishing Damask roses, energizing ribose and antioxidant-rich spirulina to help visibly tone, refresh and illuminate all skin types.

MADONNA’S TIP: Experience a little bit of heaven and give skin and hair an invigorating and refreshed glow by keeping THE ROSE MIST in the fridge.

The Finishing Cream


THE FINISHING CREAM is clinically-tested and personally perfected by Madonna to provide astonishing hydration and radiance. Formulated to deliver powerful, time-released moisture with an ethereal afterglow, it can be used alone or under makeup to nourish, prime and help perfect the look of skin.

Powered by antioxidant-rich vitamin C derived from fresh oranges, soothing olive fruit oil, moisture-retaining vegan squalane and the highest concentration of our exclusive HOLY WATER to help powerfully restore visible firmness, radiance and vitality. Infused with light-fracturing crushed pearls to create a luminous, pearlized glow.

MADONNA’S TIP: Use THE FINISHING CREAM with THE BEAUTY ROLLER for deeper absorption, and to help illuminate and enhance the look of every facial contour.

The Serum


THE SERUM is a breakthrough hydrating, plumping and brightening treatment clinically-tested and personally perfected by Madonna to help provide the look of firmer and more nourished skin. Instantly and over time, the complexion appears lustrous, supple and rejuvenated with a visibly renewed texture.

Our exclusive replenishing HOLY WATER base is combined with powerfully moisturizing and firming vegan squalane, triple hyaluronic acid and apple stem cells to help dramatically diminish the appearance of dullness, fine lines, wrinkles and loss of firmness. Enriched with brightening licorice, antioxidant-rich resveratrol to help minimize visible signs of aging, and retinyl palmitate (a form of vitamin A) to help protect the skin's appearance from environmental aggressors. The luxurious lightweight formula melts into the skin for an astonishing glow.

MADONNA’S TIP: Use on your elbows and knees for a powerful firming and smoothing treatment.

The Eye Mask

From $50.00

THE EYE MASK is clinically-tested and personally perfected by Madonna to help visibly de-puff, firm, soothe and strengthen the delicate eye area with healing hydration. Innovated with our exclusive HOLY WATER, hyaluronic acid and orange essence to help dramatically and visibly restore brightness, firmness and vitality for more youthful-looking eyes.

Triple-layer microfiber patches are softer than cashmere, and drenched with moisture-intensive sea actives and orange essence to help soothe, cool and reverse visible signs of stress and fatigue while promoting the skin’s ability to retain moisture. Each mask retains enough replenishing serum within its three layers for an intensive 30-minute treatment.

MADONNA’S TIP: Keep the masks in the freezer and let the serum melt into your skin to help de-puff, tighten and invigorate the appearance of your undereyes.

The Eye Serum


THE EYE SERUM is clinically-tested and personally perfected by Madonna to help lift and renew the look of fatigued, aging eyes. This firming, line-smoothing elixir provides continuous moisture and radiance. Deeply nourishing yet weightless, it absorbs quickly without leaving a greasy feel – making it perfect for use under makeup.

This energizing formula provides a healing boost of hydration and resilience to the entire eye area while helping immediately diminish the look of puffiness, dark circles and crepiness. Our exclusive replenishing HOLY WATER is combined with antioxidant-rich lotus flower extracts, plumping hyaluronic acid and skin-soothing biosaccharide to help visibly increase density and bounce for a firmer,
brighter-looking appearance.

MADONNA’S TIP: Use between brow furrows for a total eye resurrection.

The Beauty Roller


Based on advanced medical technology used by Madonna’s renowned personal dermatologist, THE BEAUTY ROLLER is the first skin-contouring breakthrough to harness the benefits of renewable Ultra-Infrared Energy powered by pure, high-density carbon. Scientifically engineered to help provide the appearance of lifted, luminous skin and toned contours, this device is Madonna’s secret weapon of mass seduction she uses to keep her face and body looking sculpted to perfection.

100% reported firmer, smoother, more contoured-looking skin in a two-week clinical study with daily use. Within minutes, test subjects saw more enhanced, de-puffed facial contours.

The only all-natural, battery-free device of its kind, THE BEAUTY ROLLER delivers two cutting-edge technologies in one. Oversized dual-sculpting carbon spheres – masterfully carved in Japan – hug every curve of your face and body for head-to-toe contouring that helps lift and firm the skin’s appearance while promoting lymphatic drainage, optimal product penetration and tension relief. Ultra-Infrared Energy permeates the skin’s surface to help visibly energize, lift, firm, boost hydration and retexturize fine lines and wrinkles. Ultra-Infrared Energy is so powerful it can melt ice – and help visibly transform skin – without the use of heat, UV light or batteries.

MADONNA’S TIP: Roll like a queen by pairing THE BEAUTY ROLLER with THE FINISHING CREAM to deeply hydrate, create an ethereal glow and help define the look of every facial contour. Lock in luminous moisture with

The Reinvention Cream


THE REINVENTION CREAM is clinically tested and perfected by Madonna to deliver continuous moisture that helps visibly boost skin’s natural luminosity and plumpness for the appearance of renewed vitality.

This breakthrough multifunctioning moisturizer combines our exclusive replenishing HOLY WATER with brightening extracts, water-binding vegan squalane and Resurrection Plant stem cells – clinically proven to help resurrect the look of dull and dehydrated skin while helping visibly improve its density. Antioxidant-rich extracts and oils from tangerines, bergamot and lavender help soothe and brighten the look of irritated skin.

MADONNA’S TIP: Layer as a mask for more intense skin-plumping hydration.

Chrome Clay Mask

From $120.00

Our cult-favorite CHROME CLAY MASK is clinically-tested and personally perfected by Madonna to elevate masking to an art while helping detoxify, soothe and resurrect the look of skin. Each volcanic clay particle draws impurities from the skin with a magnetic coating that allows for immaculate removal with the SKIN REJUVENATOR – no rinsing required. What’s left behind is a luxurious, dewy serum for dramatic hydration and radiance.

Formulated with natural clay sourced from volcanic ash to purify pores, brightening white willow bark extract and orange essence, soothing lavender oil, vegan squalane and hyaluronic acid to replenish and restore radiance. Our exclusive mineral-rich HOLY WATER locks in long-lasting moisture for a look of healthy luminosity.

MADONNA’S TIP: Use on your neck and décolleté before a big event for a look of astonishing radiance.

Mask Remover


This elegant tool is a simple, battery-free alternative for removing the CHROME CLAY MASK and providing a radiant glow through the power of facial massage. The MASK REMOVER immaculately lifts impurities using magnetic energy, leaving behind a luminous, dewy glow and visibly refined pores.

Innovative neodymium magnetic energy gently lifts the mask’s dual-coated volcanic clay without touching the skin. The MASK REMOVER is also equipped with a facial massage wand to help promote lymphatic drainage and enhance the absorption of serum left behind by the mask.

MADONNA’S TIP: Massage the wand along your face, jawline and neck to help serums and creams penetrate for smooth, refined-looking facial contours.

Rejuvenator Mask Set


Based on advanced facial techniques perfected by Madonna’s team of skincare experts, the SKIN REJUVENATOR is a dual-headed device that elevates masking to an art. Combined with the CHROME CLAY MASK (included), this cutting-edge Japanese innovation intensely purifies and powerfully hydrates while boosting radiance. The magnetic coating on every volcanic clay particle allows for immaculate removal with the SKIN REJUVENATOR – no rinsing required.

The CHROME CLAY MASK harnesses a proprietary blend of natural actives to help visibly resurrect the look of skin. Formulated with pore-purifying clay sourced from volcanic ash, brightening white willow bark extract and orange essential oils, replenishing vegan squalane and hyaluronic acid. Our exclusive mineral-rich HOLY WATER locks in long-lasting moisture for a look of healthy radiance.

MADONNA’S TIP: Massage your face with the Infusion Head in an upward direction to promote the penetration of the residual serum left by the mask while helping visibly lift your cheeks, brows and jawline.

Remover Sheets for Skin Rejuvenator


A set of protective, disposable sheets to keep your SKIN REJUVENATOR or MASK REMOVER pristine while purifying your skin with the CHROME CLAY MASK.



Elevating the art of masking, our sleek and ergonomic application spatula is crafted from durable and hypoallergenic polycarbonate resin to ensure smooth, even and mess-free application of our cult-favorite CHROME CLAY MASK, which detoxifies and hydrates the skin to dewy perfection.

This masking essential allows for the effortless application of purifying clay, which is dual-coated for magnetic removal with the SKIN REJUVENATOR or MASK REMOVER. It can also be used to scoop every trace of product from your favorite jar of cream. Rinses clean with soap and water.

Remover Sheets for Mask Remover Tool


Remover Sheets for Magnetic Flow



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