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Elevating the art of masking, our sleek and ergonomic application spatula is crafted from durable and hypoallergenic polycarbonate resin to ensure smooth, even and mess-free application of our cult-favorite CHROME CLAY MASK, which detoxifies and hydrates the skin to dewy perfection.

This masking essential allows for the effortless application of purifying clay, which is dual-coated for magnetic removal with the SKIN REJUVENATOR or MASK REMOVER. It can also be used to scoop every trace of product from your favorite jar of cream. Rinses clean with soap and water.

Chrome Clay Mask


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Eye Defy




Personally perfected by Madonna to outperform late nights, hot lights and heavy stage makeup, the GET UP & GLOW SET features THE ROSE MIST (100ml, 3.4oz) to keep makeup looking radiant and refreshed, and THE EYE MASK (2 pairs) to help visibly revive and rejuvenate the eyes without the beauty hangover.

This powerful duo is designed to deeply hydrate and party-proof your skin while helping to minimize the visible signs of staying up all night, wearing pore-clogging makeup and indulging in cocktails. Slip them into your purse for immediate radiance – anytime, anywhere.

MADONNA'S TIP: Take these post-party essentials with you, or put
THE ROSE MIST in the fridge and THE EYE MASK in the freezer to help visibly resurrect your skin when you get home.

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Glow Forward


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Hydration Transformation Trio


See a dramatic transformation instantly and with devout use. This trio of critically-acclaimed, full-size elixirs delivers unrelenting hydration and unrivaled radiance tested to Madonna’s perfectionist standards. Each high-performance hydrator is formulated to push the limits of science for a total skin resurrection.

Deeply restorative, nourishing and luxurious, THE SERUM, THE EYE SERUM and THE FINISHING CREAM are superpowered by our exclusive replenishing HOLY WATER, as well as pure and precious natural botanicals from Italy and around the globe – all of them clinically tested and personally curated by the queen, who’s spent a lifetime traveling the world with exclusive access to the best of everything.

Magnetic Flow


A dual-headed, magnetic skincare device that removes the Chrome Clay Mask while helping to improve circulation, activate pressure points and optimize the appearance of skin vitality, radiance, clarity and contour.

Mask Remover


This elegant tool is a simple, battery-free alternative for removing the CHROME CLAY MASK and providing a radiant glow through the power of facial massage. The MASK REMOVER immaculately lifts impurities using magnetic energy, leaving behind a luminous, dewy glow and visibly refined pores.

Innovative neodymium magnetic energy gently lifts the mask’s dual-coated volcanic clay without touching the skin. The MASK REMOVER is also equipped with a facial massage wand to help promote lymphatic drainage and enhance the absorption of serum left behind by the mask.

MADONNA’S TIP: Massage the wand along your face, jawline and neck to help serums and creams penetrate for smooth, refined-looking facial contours.

MDNA SKIN Hydrate Gift Set


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MDNA SKIN Satin Pouch


MDNA SKIN Signature Tote Bag


Remover Sheets for Magnetic Flow


Remover Sheets for Mask Remover Tool


Remover Sheets for Skin Rejuvenator


A set of protective, disposable sheets to keep your SKIN REJUVENATOR or MASK REMOVER pristine while purifying your skin with the CHROME CLAY MASK.

Roll On


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The Beauty Roller


Based on advanced medical technology used by Madonna’s renowned personal dermatologist, THE BEAUTY ROLLER is the first contouring facial device breakthrough to harness the benefits of renewable Ultra-Infrared Energy powered by pure, high-density carbon. Scientifically engineered to help provide the appearance of toned contours, this skin roller is Madonna’s secret for keeping her face and body looking sculpted to perfection.

100% reported firmer, smoother, more contoured-looking skin in a two-week clinical study with daily use of this contouring facial device. Within minutes, test subjects saw significant skin roller benefits – including more enhanced, de-puffed facial contours.

The Beauty Roller For Eyes



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